Save Water, Save Life – Avoid Wastage Of Water

Our planet Earth consists of over 70% of water. Even our body consists of 60% of water. So we all know that water plays a vital role in our lives. With the various climate change challenges that we are facing worldwide, we all know how important water is for us.

Watch my video here: Save Water, Save Life – Avoid Wastage Of Water

Challenge: Wastage of Water at various events, functions or programs
Most of us might have observed that whenever we are at a family function, weddings, events or conferences, we consume water from the mineral water bottle. The sad thing is that people consume half of it or some portion of it and leave it behind. This is a painful site.

Once a person had consumed water from a bottle, no one else would like to drink water from that bottle and it will go in the trash can.

1)Consume the entire bottle
2)Carry your own water bottles

The left over water can be used for watering the plants or cleaning purposes, etc..The best gift that we can give to our children and the next generations to come, is the ENVIRONMENT and CLIMATE.

There are many more ways you can adapt to save water. But the purpose of this video and article was specifically for what I noticed quite often at various events or programs that I had attended.

Do leave your comments and let us know what did you do to save water in the above scenario that I have spoken about.

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