Rally For Rivers – Campaign Launch by Sadhguru

Our body is essentially soil and water. The quality of our soil and water determines the quality of our food, our body and our life – Sadhguru

Our rivers are dying. We can no longer turn a blind eye as we stand on the threshold of the gravest crisis of our times. – Sadhguru

Rally for rivers – This is not a protest nor is this an agitation. This is a campaign to raise awareness that our rivers are depleting. Everyone, when I say everyone, everyone who consumes water must rally for rivers. – Sadhguru

Rally for Rivers – Campaign Launch by Sadhguru <– Click here for the video

Rivers are our lifeline. This is not about you and me… This is for everyone who consumes water. All these years our rivers and nature have always supported us… it our chance now to show our support… it is just not for ourselves but also for generations to come… let’s make this happen….  

Please give a missed call to 8000980009 and show your support for a policy for rivers.
#ishafoundation #RallyforRivers – Campaign Launch by Sadhguru


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