Goodness Abounds – 365 True Stories of Loving Kindness


Today, I am feeling blessed and grateful by presenting to you another book that I have contributed to – “Goodness Abounds – 365 True Stories of Loving Kindness”. It launches today (14th November 2017). In this book, I speak about another beautiful and amazing moment in my life. This chapter changed so many things for me.

I am sure you have experienced goodness at some point of time in your life. Some experiences might have been very touchy that must have left you emotional, some might have given you more strength, some might have made you believe more in the goodness of people or some might have left you in complete awe of the goodness you received or experienced.

For me if I look at the various experiences in my life, there has always been a learning in those moments. They are like blessings coming your way to move further in life. It is not the end but it is just another beginning.

What’s one moment of goodness that you’ve either witnessed or been the recipient of?

I have experienced a lot of goodness moments throughout my life. I have shared one such moment in the Goodness Abounds book and another one which has always remained fresh in my memory is the one that I experienced on 26th July 2005. We experienced floods in Mumbai. This is the date when the city of Mumbai came to a standstill due to flooding.

A large number of people were stranded on the roads, lost their homes while many walked long distances back home from work that evening. The floods were caused by the eighth heaviest-ever recorded 24-hour rainfall figure of 944 mm (37.17 inches) which lashed the metropolis on 26 July 2005, and intermittently continued for the next day. 644mm (25.35 inches) was received within the 12-hour period between 8am and 8pm. Torrential rainfall continued for the next week.

I and my friends left from work and I was just about to reach home in sometime. We realised we could not move further and were stranded at the middle of the road. The water level on the road started rising like crazy and nothing around, forced us to get out of the car. I and my friend started walking as his house was close by. In the same building, I had my family friends also staying there. Good for me my cell phone was working and I was able to connect with them. The water level was flowing above us and we had to swim through with our laptops on our heads.

It was a crazy site. At the same time, grateful to see people in hundreds and thousands on the street with ropes helping people and saving lives, distributing water bottles and biscuits and offering people to stay in their house even though they were not known to them… wow.. it was like MUMBAI MERI JAAN.. (Mumbai my life line).

After reaching my friend’s housing complex, we realised that the ground floor was totally submerged in the water and the first floor also to some extent. We saw so many families and friends calling out for us with torches and giving directions as to how to move towards the staircase and finally they managed to pull us on the first floor staircase.

My husband experienced a similar situation in another part of Mumbai.

Wow… goodness does exist. It is just that you need to believe in it.

For anything and everything to happen you just need to believe in yourself and believe in the goodness around you.

We truly feel blessed and are thankful for all the amazing moments and blessings in our life.

Why did I decide to join as a contributing author in this book?

I have already been a contributing author in 2 books of the 365 book series with Jodi and Dan. It has always been wonderful to read the amazing experiences that people have gone through in their life. There always has been a learning and a rise in the energy levels when you have such awesome and supportive community around you. Oh.. and not to forget the new friends that I have made from all over the planet by being a part of this large community… J.

The word goodness has always drawn me towards it as there have been so many mesmerising moments in my life that I could just keep talking about them. From the bottom of my heart, I am really thankful and feel blessed to receive all the wonderful blessings from the universe. I feel truly blessed to be part of this magical world and loved sharing my experiences.

What do you hope each reader will take into their heart after reading this book?

The stories in this book are heartfelt experiences of what people have experienced in their life. No matter what they faced and found a solution to the challenges they were facing. Never give up. I am sure after reading all these stories, people would love to “Be the change they wish to see” and also “Live their dreams”. These stories would definitely help people in opening up their heart to receive and give blessings to known and unknown people they come across. These stories would also help people in accepting and believing GOODNESS ABOUNDS...

Can you tell us about this book?

I would love to! This is the fourth book in the 365 Book Series – the follow-up to the Amazon #1 bestseller, 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul, 365 Moments of Grace and . This fourth book is called Goodness Abounds – 365 True Stories of Loving Kindness and that’s exactly what it contains: one true-life, loving kindness story for each day of the year, describing the authors’ first hand experiences with goodness that they have had.

The pieces are contributed by over 250 authors from all around the world, sharing moments from their lives in which they encountered such life-changing moments– experiences that inspired, uplifted, shook them to the core, got them back on track (or onto a new track altogether), and led them towards their true selves. We’ve written this book to help you see that goodness is truly alive and well in our world.

These experiences cover a wide range of topics – including helpful strangers, family and loving relationships, friends and neighbours, huge heart in small bodies, animals and nature, kindness at work and school, community, giving back, goodness from beyond, everyday goodness. All of the stories are intended to uplift, inspire, and remind you of just how magical our world is and how connected we truly are.

Goodness Abounds <– Click here to watch the video

Where can we buy the book?

Please click here —> Goodness Abounds

Can you tell us something about the Bonus Gifts?

Every person who buys our book starting on November 14th, you can receive over 60 bonus gifts – all created by the contributing authors!

After you buy the book, you’ll be able to redeem all of these gifts for free for a limited time! The gifts include guided meditations, ebooks, ecourses, and much more!

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About Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck

Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck are a husband-and-wife team who loves living soulfully and joyfully. Since 2005, they’ve been living their dream of writing books and creating products that inspire others to connect with their soul and live fully and passionately.

Jodi has a BA in English/Technical Editing and Sociology, and Dan has a BA in Religious Studies and an MFA in Creative Writing. Together, they have over 30 years of experience with editing and publishing and have sold over 35,000 books.

They have written 20 books, 10 e-Courses, and over 1,000 blog posts/articles. Jodi is an award-winning blogger at and the creator of Soul Clarity Cards. Dan is the author of the personal-growth blog, They are the co-creators of the Soulful Journals Series (, the 365 Book Series (, and a number of soulful online communities.

I am grateful to them for giving me the opportunity to contribute to their book.

To buy the book click on the links below.

Have a wonderful life ahead….

With much gratitude, blessings, respect, love and appreciation

Pooja Shende (Founder Of Lotus Soul 9)

About the Author

Pooja Shende
Pooja Shende is the Founder of Lotus Soul 9. She is an Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote Speaker, a Transformation Coach, Practitioner Of Emotional Intelligence, and Practitioner of NLP. Read more about her by clicking on the About Us tab.

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