Generosity and Kindness Challenge – 2017

As we step in to another fantastic year, let’s try to improve ourselves a little more. The moment you hear these two words generosity and kindness, it rings bells of being unselfishness, abundance, largeness, kind-heartedness, affection, warmth, gentleness, tenderness, concern, care and much more. Makes us feel so wonderful… ♥ Isn’t it? So why not experience them on a daily basis too.

You will soon realize that you not only improved yourself but also contributed to other people’s life too. You created more happiness. Also, you’ve started looking at life more optimistically too.

I invite you to take up this challenge of being more Generous and Kind. I am sure you are game for it. To help you do this, this year I challenge you to complete the 21 random acts of kindness as listed below. I will be carrying them out myself, too. The more people smile, the more the world will smile.

  1. Everyday when you get up in the morning, look into the mirror and smile at yourself.
  2. While travelling to work or whenever you step outside, smile at strangers.
  3. Help someone with babies, children, old people, or handicaps get a taxi or a cab.
  4. Give someone your seat while travelling in the bus or train.
  5. Gift plants to people that they can keep indoors or outdoors. Even, add it to their garden too.
  6. Compliment a stranger, your team mate or friend (not for name sake but you really meant it).
  7. Call your friend, relative, parents or even children and spend time with them laughing and enjoying.
  8. Make up with anyone you had a fight or felt off track (even if it was their mistake).
  9. Tell a joke.
  10. Give someone a hug.
  11. Call or send a note to your school teacher or college professor and thank them for all that they did for you.
  12. Write thank you notes to your friends, or relatives or team mates who made a difference to your life.
  13. Talk to a shy person you find in your office or at a function or a party.
  14. Offer food to the homeless.
  15. Spend some time in an old age home or orphanage talking to them, reading out stories or even drawing something for them.
  16. Gift something to your maid or servants or drivers working for you. You can send gifts for their families too.
  17. Gift yourself something that you have been waiting for (may be for quite some time now… ♥ ).
  18. Give someone a book you think they are interested in reading.
  19. Offer to assist the teachers in your child’s school on their annual day, sports day celebrations or outdoor trips as an additional help to the school.
  20. Offer to do service in some temple.
  21. Offer to do service in community gatherings.

Whenever you do an act of kindness, thank the universe for the opportunity and thank yourself for doing a good job. Yes, a pat on the shoulder is a must… ♥. If you have the habit of writing a journal, then write about your act of kindness. Mention how you felt about it. Mention about how it is helping you to grow and improve. Mention the reaction and expressions on the others persons face too.

Slowly you will realize how happy and content you are with your life. Your small acts of kindness are helping you bathe in the shower of more and more blessings every moment.

And YES, you can come back here and leave a note for us too…♥

About the Author

Pooja Shende
Pooja Shende is the Founder of Lotus Soul 9. She is an Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote Speaker, a Transformation Coach, Practitioner Of Emotional Intelligence, and Practitioner of NLP. Read more about her by clicking on the About Us tab.

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