Finding Your “Why” – Discover Your Calling

When I was about to finish my schooling, my parents asked me which university would I like to go for my higher education and what plans do I have for myself. I chose to complete my education in India and explained to them “Why” I wanted to be here, what I wanted in my life and what I wanted to be in future. I am glad to have such wonderful parents who gave me the complete freedom to shape my life the way I wanted to and become what I am today.

As they say when your “Why” is stronger, “How” becomes easy. Since, I had clarity on my “Why”, “How” to achieve that became easy. As I was focused on achieving my dreams, automatically, doors to achieve them started to open up. Hence, it is very important to have a self-talk with yourself to understand rather discover your calling. Only when you have the clarity on your calling, you will be better involved and more engaged in your life, ultimately leading to higher productivity, success and happiness.

You might decide to do certain things till a certain age and switch to other areas that you are attached to or wanted to do which is perfectly fine. Everyone is unique; we all have special talents, skills and abilities. At the end what matters is, were you satisfied with your life? Did you make your dreams come true?

Many people just take life as it comes through. Remember, it is always good to discover your calling, connect with self and know the path that you want to take in life. What if you have earned all the wealth and popularity in world and not been able to do what you were passionate about. You will continue to have dissatisfaction throughout your life and you will not enjoy the wealth and popularity.

We all have only ONE life. We have been gifted with a beautiful life. It is up-to us to make it more meaningful, beautiful or worse. The choice is ours.

Along with your job, your profession or business and the activities that you do, DO CONNECT WITH YOURSELF and BE HAPPY. Only then, will you be able to enjoy the wealth and popularity that you accumulated during the journey called life.

Live life to the fullest extent…!

Give a pat on your shoulder, thank yourself for everything and all the good work that you have been doing… and tell yourself – “I love MYSELF”… “I really really love myself”.

All the answers

Don’t wait for others to make changes to your life. Don’t surrender to others. Be the change you wish to see… The Power is within you.


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About the Author

Pooja Shende
Pooja Shende is the Founder of Lotus Soul 9. She is an Entrepreneur, Author, Practitioner Of Emotional Intelligence, Practitioner of NLP and a Performance Coach. Read more about her by clicking on the About Us tab.

2 Comments on "Finding Your “Why” – Discover Your Calling"

  1. Thank you so much, Millen! Much Appreciated. If we are able to understand this and do it, life will become more meaningful and beautiful.

  2. You bring attention to a very important topic, Pooja! Living INTENTIONALLY – deciding Who you want to BE, what you want to DO and what you want to HAVE helps to create the life you want to have. Thank you for sharing your personal story and inspiring message.

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