365 Days Of Mindfulness

365 Days Of Mindfulness 

Ever since I started writing my newsletters and books, I have been receiving countless emails/ messages from readers all over the world. They wrote about and shared their experience as to how their life changed through the wisdom they discovered. I realized that the motivation and inspiration that I shared was helping so many people world-wide. At the same time in my journal, I already had a big collection of my quotes that were from experiences in life. I had already planned to publish a book on it someday. In that process, I realized that the time was now to complete and publish my book. This is how I got into writing this book.

What is the book about?

This book is really close to my heart because it has an amazing collection of my quotes. There are 365 quotes in this book – one quote for each day to motivate, inspire, strengthen and help you in being more optimistic towards life. Be it success, leadership, happiness, love, relationship, forgiveness, joy and so on. This beautiful book is certain to become a lifelong companion on your journey towards being the change that you wish to be and help you in leading a harmonious life ahead.

Who is this book for?

Everyone needs motivation and inspiration. Whether it is a CEO of a company, a home maker, a student, a corporate head, a consultant, an artist, a designer, a doctor, an entrepreneur and the list goes on..  No matter what, whatever you are going through in your life, you must never give up. By picking up this book, you have made a decision to take charge of your life and change your destiny. What this indicates is you are ready to design your life and lead a life the way you want to live and not what others decide for you.

Developing the habit of reading motivational and inspirational books daily is the best thing to do to boost your moral and take action. A daily dose of motivation and inspiration is always helpful as it helps you to sail through many situations. It also helps you in achieving the outcomes that you are looking for. When you are motivated and inspired you perform better and are able to take better decisions. Motivation leads to an optimistic and challenging attitude towards life.

Mindfulness means, the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something. Hence through this book, creating the awareness and inspiration required to sail through the day and life easily.

How is the book relevant in today’s society?

In today’s fast paced life, as an Inspirational speaker and author, my goal is to have a positive influence in the lives of others. Through my talks and writings, I want to help people overcome the difficulties that are keeping them from finding direction and purpose in their lives. I want to help them in increasing their self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management, identifying their strengths and weaknesses, and identifying the potential that already exists within them. I want to guide them in making positive changes to their life to lead a harmonious, abundant and successful life. Guiding them in BEING THE CHANGE THEY WISH TO SEE…

What makes the book different from other books?

No two people are the same. Even if they are the same their experiences will always be different. Similarly, this book is different as it has a collection of heartfelt quotes from experiences of life which will definitely help you in transforming your life in various areas.

Why do you have the Eagle on the book cover?

The eagle symbolises freedom, strength, courage and vigour. Have you heard about the story of the Eagle… the need for change. It can live upto 70 years. But to live upto this age the Eagle must make a hard decision. In it’s 40th year its long and flexible talons can no longer grab prey which serves as food. It’s long and sharp beak gets bent. The feathers get old, thick and heavy. The thick and heavy feathers stick to its chest and making it difficult to fly. Then the eagle is left with two options: DIE or go through the painful process of CHANGE. The process requires the eagle to fly to a mountain top and sit on its nest. Then the eagle knocks it’s beak against a rock until it plucks it out. The eagle then waits for a new beak to grow and plucks out it talons. Once the talons grow, the eagle starts plucking it’s old-aged feathers and waits for them to grow back.

Then the eagle take it’s famous flight of rebirth and lives for another 30 years.

Eagles are full of life and visionary. Change.. it is worth the pain.

Why is the change required? In order survive and live we have to start the process of change..

Similarly, these quotes serve as an inspiration for you to take action and make the changes required to lead a harmonious life.

Some quotes from this book to help you…

  • “Don’t underestimate the power of your mind. It can achieve things beyond your imagination.”
  •  “Make time to do the things that your soul loves to do.”
  •  “Don’t let your emotions drive you crazy. Always be crazy enough to be in the emotion you like to be.”

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Where can you buy the book?

You can buy the book here: Amazon – US 365 Days Of Mindfulness | Amazon – India 365 Days Of Mindfulness

Our book is also available in English on all the other Amazon sites – UK, Deutschland, France, Japan, Canada, China, Italy, Spain, Brazil and Mexico.

Our book is also available on other sites like Barnes & Noble, Flipkart and many more sites too.

About the Author

Pooja Shende
Pooja Shende is the Founder of Lotus Soul 9. She is an Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote Speaker, a Transformation Coach, Practitioner Of Emotional Intelligence, and Practitioner of NLP. Read more about her by clicking on the About Us tab.

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